About Everyday BBQ

My channel is about Food, Family and Fun but not necessarily in that order. I'm just a normal "everyday" guy who loves to cook tasty stuff for my wife and children. I wanted to start this channel for years but couldn't find the courage to come out of my introvert shell. A friend finally inspired me and gave me the courage, I'm so grateful for that. I started this journey on August 4th, 2017. I will be mixing in all types of cooks and recipes on my channel. While my focus will mainly on outdoor cooking, I'll definitely mix in some indoor recipes and well as ethnic foods from time to time. I may even mix in some family fun. I hope you find my channel well balanced, entertaining and useful. My priorities in life start with my wife and kids! I dedicate this entire adventure to them! Please follow me and "subscribe" to show support! I'd really appreciate the encouragement! For any inquiries, including business or sponsorship, please contact me at everydayfamilybbq@gmail.com.