Plans for August

Posted by Michael Naqvi on

Sorry I've been away for a couple weeks.  Things have been extremely busy and I've had to decide what to prioritize.  This site is important to me and I will continue to post and create new Merch as time allows.  

I hope you all have been safe, happy and healthy!  It's been a crazy world lately and sometimes it feels tough to navigate.  All we can do is our best for ourselves and our families.  

This month I'd love to get some spatchcock chickens done on the Lone Star Grillz Offset!  We have two in the freezer and I can't wait to get it done  Yes, I will be filming it also!  Will hope to get it done this coming week.  I'm not totally sure on the flavor profiles yet but I'll likely do one with a garlic, herb and the other spicy!  If you're reading this, please comment below with suggestions!

I also will be releasing the Review on the Pit Boss Griddle which I was hoping to get done a month ago lol.  Life has been busy...

I have a list of videos here to get done but sometimes I just get inspired to do a certain recipe and go with it.  Any suggestions for videos?

That's it for now...


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